The Graphē Institute is a new kind of online learning experience. Founded in 2021 by T. Michael W. Halcomb, the goal is to create learning experiences for the church within contexts that place a premium on wisdom, creativity, and inquiry. GI is actually a complete revamping of Halcomb's 2011 project, which gained much notoriety, named Conversational Koine Institute (CKI). GI is essentially CKI 2.0. Our courses are taught by credentialed professors who love Jesus, love his church, and affirm orthodox, historic, apostolic, missional Christianity.  Our courses are by those who love the church for those who love the church.


Here's the reality: Learners learn differently. Here at the Graphē Institute, we not only acknowledge that, we honor it. That's why we have numerous learning options. Choose what suits you, your interests, and your schedule best.

Classes: Throughout the year, we'll offer stand-alone courses by reputable faculty. These classes, designed by different professors, will cover different topics. For instance, we might have a class on the Gospel of Mark or one on Biblical Theology. We might offer a class on the Book of Genesis or the Book of Daniel. Sometimes classes may overlap. Anyone from anywhere can join these classes. Stay on the lookout for upcoming classes. New classes will begin at the start of each month. In the future, we'll also offer video and/or audio recordings of the classes for purchase. 

Cohorts: The Cohort system follows a curriculum developed by a professor. This is spread out over a period of time and allows students and faculty to journey through the seasons together at a slower pace. For instance, Dr. T. Michael W. Halcomb is going to offer a 9-month curriculum based around 2 items: 1) Koine Greek and, 2) Spiritual Classics. Students enrolled in this cohort will dive deep into both. Some cohorts will be available online to all while others may only be available in the location where the professor lives.

Customizables: Let's say you really want to study the "atonement" but would really like some scholarly input. You likely won't find a college course on that topic and maybe you don't have time to enroll anyway. Should you just chalk it up to being out of luck? Nope. We've got the answer. Here at GI you can pick a topic and we'll design a course for you. Together, we'll create the schedule and then guide you through the topic in 1-on-1 sessions. Students and faculty will agree on a schedule and meet at their discretion and availability. So, don't see a course we're offering but would like one? Contact us and make a proposal.

Conferences: Twice a year, GI will host a conference. Our professors, among others, will be invited to present and share their expertise. We really encourage you to attend these excellent bi-annual events.